Gragnano is a municipality in the province of Naples in the Italian region Campania, located about 30 km southeast of Naples. A hill town wedged between Lattari mountain crest and the Amalfi Coast, Gragnano is  better-known as home of some of the best artisanal producers of dried pasta in Italy. Rarely, they think about the local red wine, which bears the name of the district, that in XVI century was considered as an amazing “elixir” by Monsignor Molinari, who coined the phrase we intentionally used as title.

The wine, already known and appreciated by Latin farmers and medieval monks, became famous due to the unforgettable scene of Pasquale, one of the character, telling Felice Sciosciammocca, the protagonist, the shopping list. This scene was taken from the famous comedy “Miseria e nobiltà” written by Eduardo Scarpetta which became a blockbuster thanks to Totò starring : “Assicurati che sia Gragnano. Se è frizzante lo prendi, sennò desisti” (It must be the sparkling “Gragnano”, if not, do ignore it!).

This Gragnano wine is also esteemed as “Lambrusco di più corpo” dedicated to Bacco nectar in the memorable papers by Mario Soldati.

However, outdoing the historical and literary memories, today Gragnano wine represents the wine of naturalness, straightforwardness and transport in pleasure. Daily drinking it brings happiness and possibility of combinations, satisfaction for the palate.....and for the wallet. In other words, Gragnano is the type of wine which is likely to take the place of that “sad winejuice” which comes out each 6th of november and which is more expensive and rather less good than the Gragnano one. The last one has the same characteristics but tripled.



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